Thursday, May 15, 2014

5/15 Blog post #9

Quentin cares a lot about Margo, and loves to be with her, just as Margo loved to be with Quentin. 
a) Quentin, and Margo hang out with Quentin's friends almost every night and pull prank on people they do not like. 
b) Quentin, and Margo go to sea world together to have a romantic night, although it turns to troubles when they get in trouble.
c) When Margo goes missing, she leaves a poem for Quentin with highlights quotes that infer that she wants him to look for her. 
d) When Margo is missing Quentin is crazy about finding her, and will not give up.
e) When Quentin is trying to solve the mystery of Margo he admits that he misses her and only cares about finding Margo. 

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