Friday, April 25, 2014

4/25 blog post #7

The main characters are Margo, and her friends. Margo is a very adventurous person just like her friends they like to go out a lot and cause mischief. For example when Margo and her friends went to a class mate Chucks house and put Vaseline on his door so when his parents opened it they got it on them. This book mostly takes place at friends houses,  and outside, Margo and her friends are always out up to something, they like to get revenge on people who have once done something evil to them. So far in my book Margo's friend Ben has asked a girl to prom which she said no. Also Margo tried to convince his friend Radar to tell his girlfriend the reason he wouldn't let her come over to his house which was because his parents collected thousands of black Santa clauses. Margo and Ben also put rotten fish under Lacey's seat when she was sleeping and also recently snuck out into a building that they are not suppose to be in. So far I like my book its very interesting, but some what confusing. I seem to get the characters mixed up, and some of Margo's plans can get a bit confusing. 

Assumption: I think that Margo doesn't care if she gets in trouble, and is a careless person.
Reason: Margo doesn't seem to care if she gets caught for any of the crimes that shes committing, or how they effect other people. 

Assumption: I assume that Margo's parents are clueless about the things Margo does.
Reason: I think this because Margo has been gone the whole night and her parents have not noticed.

Assumption: Margo also doesn't seem to be very popular.
Reason: She is pranking a popular girl, and seems to hang out with the same people every day. 

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  1. Hmmm, seems like your book, so far, is just about playing practical jokes?!