Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2/25 blog post 5

Yes, a very close family friend of mine tried to commit suicide just like the main character did. The main character was caught up in a rough time just like our friend was. The difference was the way they tried and age. The main character tried to burn himself whereas our family friend overdosed. This shows that people shouldn't let a rough time take their life and things will get better eventually. It also shows that people will regret it after words and wish they hadn't tried to do it before because of the effects of it. Both situations in the book and real life effected their friends and family, and hurt other people around them. They both wish they hadn't of done it because of the effect it had on their peers and what it done to their bodies. Both of them were left with either burns, or emotional damage.

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  1. Do you think the main character in your book has both physical and emotional damage? More one than the other?
    How do you know that he regrets what trying to commit suicide?
    What lead him to a place of wanting to kill himself?
    Why do you think people sometimes see this as the only option -- instead of getting help?