Friday, January 31, 2014

blog post #2 1/31

1. Did he 'screw up' on accident or was this something he did on purpose? Why do you think he was trying to burn a box of matches? 
He screwed on purpose because he wanted to burn the box and accidently lit the shirt on fire too because it was it the same locker as the box of matches. I think he was trying to get of the box of matches so that he wouldn't get in trouble. 
Why do you think he told people he wanted to kill himself and no one cared? What does that say about what other people think of him?
I think he told people he was going to kill himself because he knew no one would care, and so that people knew he felt bad for what he did. I think it shows that no one is truly there for him, and are very careless in this book

a) surrender, offering
b) incendiary (Could only find one word)
c) tenability, tenacity
d)criminal, thief
e) morals, shame

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